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Quick guide Below is a list of all the tools we can supply please contact us for more details

1 18V Li-ion Impact driver and collated autofeed RA2008 Durofix
2 110V Corded autofeed EA2302 Concept
3 230V Corded autofeed EA2306 Concept
4 18V 2.2 Ah Li-ion battery N/a Durofix
5 50 Min intelligent fast charger for 18V N/a Durofix
6 Set of bushes N/a N/a
9 Phillips 134mm collated screw bit N/a N/a
10 Phillips 155mm collated screw bit N/a N/a
11 Square drive 134mm collated screw bit N/a N/a
12 Square drive 155mm collated screw bit N/a N/a
13 Extension Pole 110V/230V TAV003 Concept
14 45-75mm Attachment 110V/230V TAV002 Concept
For collated drywall screws and collated woodscrews please contact us , we have drywall in
coarse , fine and drill tip fine and collated woodscrews for internal and external use .
3.6V Li-ion      
1 3.6V Rechargeable Drill ARV334 AC Delco
7.2V Super Compact Li-ion    
2 7.2V Super Compact Drill Driver / Light ARD849L AC Delco
3 7.2V Super Compact Drill Driver  ARD888 AC Delco
4 7.2V Super Compact Impact Wrench ARI810 AC Delco
5 7.2V Super Compact 1.5Ah Battery AB854L AC Delco
6 7.2V Super Compact 2 Ports Charger ACD8RU50-30 AC Delco
10.8V Li-ion    
7 10.8V Impact Driver RI1239 Durofix
8 10.8V 2 Speed Drill / Driver RD1295 Durofix
9 10.8V Impact Wrench 3/8" ARI1258 AC Delco
10 10.8V Impact Wrench 3/8" 248Nm 4 Poles ARI1268 AC Delco
11 10.8V Inspection Camera ARZ1204 AC Delco
12 10.8V Straight Die Grinder ARG1213 AC Delco
13 10.8V Angle Die Grinder ARG1214 AC Delco
14 10.8V Wratchet Wrench ARW1201 AC Delco
15 10.8V Rotary Tool RG1207 Durofix
16 10.8V 75mm mini polisher 4 Poles ARS1210 AC Delco
17 10.8V Mini Polisher ARS1207 AC Delco
18 10.8V Sander 4 Poles ARS1209 AC Delco
19 10.8V Rotary Tool Smart ARG1207 AC Delco
20 10.8V Li-ion Battery B1242L Durofix
21 10.8V LED Light Bar ARL1227 AC Delco
22 10.8V In-Car Charger CS17-12V Durofix
23 10.8V Battery Charger ADC12EU33-15 AC Delco
24 Mini Polisher Backing Pads CSB003 AC Delco
25 Mini Polisher Foam Pads CSF003 AC Delco
26 Mini Polisher Wool Pads CSW003 AC Delco
27 Inspection Camera Mirror Pack CIA001 AC Delco
28 Inspection Camera 3.9mm Cable - 1m CIC301 AC Delco
29 Canvas Bag - 10.8V tools BAG10.8VAC AC Delco
6V AA Battery    
30 6V AA Battery Inspection Camera RZ604 Durofix
31 6V AA LED Light Bar ARL627 AC Delco
18V Compact Li-ion    
32 18V Impact Wrench / Driver 1.5 Ah 1/2" ARI2058-4 AC Delco
33 18V Impact Wrench 1.5 Ah 3/8" ARI2058-3 AC Delco
34 18V Impact Wrench 1.5 Ah 3/8" 248Nm ARI2068-3 AC Delco
35 18V Impact Wrench 1.5 Ah 1/2" 248Nm ARI2068-4 AC Delco
36 18V Hammer/Drill/ Driver 1.5 Ah RK2095 Durofix
37 3/8" Inspection Wrench to Impact Driver Adaptor RIWDA38 AC Delco
38 1/2" Inspection Wrench to Impact Driver Adaptor RIWDA12 AC Delco
39 18V 1.5Ah Li-ion Battery AB2042L AC Delco
40 18V LED Light Bar ARL2027 AC Delco
41 18V 1.5 Ah battery charger ADC20EU40-15 AC Delco
18V Heavy Duty Li-ion    
42 18V Li-ion 650Nm High Torque Wrench ARI2023 AC Delco
43 18V Li-ion 650Nm 4 Poles DC ARI2066 AC Delco
44 18V Li-ion 680Nm 4 Poles Digital Clutch ARI2060 AC Delco
45 18V Li-ion 400Nm Wrench ARI2061B AC Delco
46 18V Li-ion 400Nm Wrench DC ARI2064B AC Delco
47 18V Li-ion 400Nm Wrench Angled ARI2044 AC Delco
48 18V Li-ion 115mm High Speed Angle Grinder ARG2017 AC Delco
49 18V Li-ion 3 Speed Hammer/Drill/Driver ARD2080 AC Delco
50 18V Li-ion 165mm Circular Saw RC2003 Durofix
51 18V Li-ion 29mm Reciprocating Saw RJ2013 Durofix
52 18V Li-ion 200Nm Impact Wrench / Driver ARI2056 AC Delco
53 18V Li-ion 4 in 1 Combo Kit RK2080 KIT Durofix
54 18V HD Light Bar ARL2025 AC Delco
55 18V Li-ion 3 Ah Battery AB2045L AC Delco
56 18V 3.0 Ah battery charger ADC20EU37-30 AC Delco
Air Tools    
57 Air Impact Wrench 3/8" Composite   380 Nm ANI307 AC Delco
58 Air Impact Wrench 1/2" Composite   434 Nm ANI401 AC Delco
59 Air Impact Wrench 1/2" Composite   1016 Nm ANI402 AC Delco
60 Air Impact Wrench 1/2" Aluminium   880 Nm ANI403 AC Delco
61 Air Impact Wrench 3/4" Composite   880 Nm ANI610 AC Delco
62 Air Impact Wrench 1" Aluminium   2439 Nm ANI811 AC Delco
63 Air 150mm Orbital Sander 10,000 RPM ANS603 AC Delco
64 Air 20 x 520mm Belt Sander 16,000 RPM ANS604 AC Delco
65 Air 3/8" Ratchet wrench 54Nm ANW301 AC Delco
66 3/4" Composite Impact Wrench 1625 Nm ANI614 AC Delco
67 1" Composite Impact Wrench 1897 Nm ANI812 AC Delco
68 1/4" Mini Wratchet Wrench 27 Nm ANW204 AC Delco
69 3/8" Mini Wratchet Wrench 54 Nm ANW305 AC Delco
70 7/16" Hex Tyre Buffer ANG302 AC Delco
Digital Torque Wrenches / Adaptors      
71 Digital torque wrench 3/8" 3-50 Nm ARM601-3 AC Delco
72 Digital torque wrench 1/2" 5-135 Nm ARM601-4 AC Delco
73 Digital torque adaptor 3/8" 4-80 Nm ARM602-3 AC Delco
74 Digital torque adaptor 1/2" 5-200 Nm ARM602-4 AC Delco
Hand Tool Accessories    
75 56 Pc 1/2" & 1/4" socket wrench set AHS103K AC Delco
76 8 Pc Combination wrench set 8-19mm AHW101K AC Delco
77 3 Pc 1/2" Impact Socket Set AHI405K AC Delco
78 8 Pc 3/4" Impact Socket Socket Set AHI603K AC Delco
79 8 Pc 3/4" Deep Impact Socket Set AHI604K AC Delco
80 3 Pc Plier Set AHP101K AC Delco
81 22 Pc 1/2" Impact Socket Wrench Kit AHS 402K AC Delco
82 5 Pc Screwdriver Kit AHV101K AC Delco
83 9 Pc Screwdriver Kit AHV102K AC Delco
84 21 Pc 1/2" Square impact socket set AHI402K AC Delco


18V HEAVY DUTY ARI2060AEU 18V Heavy duty Impact Wrench 680Nm 4 poles DTC (4.0Ah)
18V HEAVY DUTY ARI2066AEU 18V Heavy duty impact wrench 680Nm 1/2" (4 pole) (4.0Ah)
18V HEAVY DUTY ARI2064BEU 18V Heavy duty Impact Wrench 400Nm with DC (2.0Ah)
18V HEAVY DUTY ARI2061BEU 18V Heavy duty Impact Wrench 400Nm
18V HEAVY DUTY ARI2044BEU 18V Heavy duty Angle Impact Wrench with DC (2.0Ah)
18V HEAVY DUTY ARD2081BEU 18V Heavy Duty 2 Speed Drill/Driver
18V HEAVY DUTY ARG2017AEU 18V 115mm Angle grinder (4.0Ah Batteries)
18V HEAVY DUTY ARJ2013AEU 18V 30mm Reciprocating Saw (4.0Ah)
18V HEAVY DUTY ARL2025 18V Led Light bar
18V HEAVY DUTY AB2045LA-2 18V Heavy duty 4ah Li-ion battery
18V HEAVY DUTY AB2045L  18V Heavy duty 2ah Li-ion Battery
18V HEAVY DUTY ADC20EU37-30 18V Heavy duty 30 min quick charger
18V COMPACT ARI2068-3AEU 18V Compact Impact Wrench 3/8sq 248Nm (2.0Ah)
18V COMPACT ARI2068-4AEU 18V Compact Impact Wrench 1/2" sq 310Nm (2.0Ah)
18V COMPACT ARK2096I 18V Combi 2 Speed Hammer Drill/Driver+1/2" Impact Wrench
18V COMPACT ARK2096I-3 18V Combi 2 Speed Hammer Drill/Driver+3/8" Impact Wrench
18V COMPACT ARK2096AEU 18V 2 Speed Hammer Drill/Driver
18V COMPACT ARL2027 18V Compact LED light bar
18V COMPACT AB2042LA 18V Compact 2.0ah Li-ion Battery
18V COMPACT ADC20EU40-15 18V Compact 20 min quick charger
18V COMPACT ADC20UN40-15A Universal Voltage Charger 10.8v - 18v
10.8V COMPACT ARI1277EU 10.8V Impact driver 90Nm
10.8V COMPACT ARI1265T 10.8V Impact Driver Super torque 140Nm Handset only
10.8V COMPACT ARD12126P 10.8v 2 Speed Drill (Amazon Tool)
10.8V COMPACT ARI1268-3AEU 10.8V Impact wrench 3/8"sq 4 poles 248Nm (2.0Ah)
10.8V COMPACT ARS1210AEU 10.8V Mini polisher 4 poles (2.0Ah)
10.8V COMPACT ROTSMK2AH 10.8V Rotary Tool Smart Repair Kit (2Ah)
10.8V COMPACT ARZ1204EU 10.8V Inspection camera
10.8V COMPACT ARZ6056 6V Alkaline Multimedia inspection camera 5.5mm Head
10.8V COMPACT ARG1213EU 10.8V Straight die grinder
10.8V COMPACT ARG1214EU 10.8V Angle Die Grinder
10.8V COMPACT ARW1201AEU 10.8 Ratchet wrench (2Ah)
10.8V COMPACT ARL1227 10.8V Led light bar
10.8V COMPACT ARL627 6V Alkaline battery LED light bar
10.8V COMPACT AB642A 6V Alkaline Battery Case (10.8V COMPATIBLE)
10.8V COMPACT AB1242LA 10.8V 2ah ah Li-ion battery
10.8V COMPACT ACS-17-12V 10.8V 1 Hour Car Charger
7.2V COMPACT ARD849T 7.2V  Super compact drill driver bare tool
7.2V COMPACT ARD847T 7.2V Super compact drill driver bare tool
7.2V COMPACT ARD888T 7.2V Super compact 10mm Drill bare tool
7.2V COMPACT ARW804AEU 7.2V Super Compact Ratchet Wrench kit
7.2V COMPACT ARW804H 7.2v Super compact ratchet wrench bare tool
7.2V COMPACT ARI809T 7.2V Super compact impact driver bare tool
7.2V COMPACT ARI810T-2 7.2V Super compact Impact wrench bare tool 1/4"
7.2V COMPACT ARI810T or ARI810H 7.2V Super compact Impact wrench bare tool 3/8"
7.2V COMPACT ARL836 7.2v Super compact magnetic LED light 
7.2V COMPACT AB854LA 7.2V Super compact 2Ah Li-ion battery
7.2V COMPACT ADC8EU50-30 7.2V Super compact 2 ports quick charger
TORQUE WRENCH ARM601-3 3/8" Digital Torque Wrench
TORQUE WRENCH ARM601-4 1/2" Digital Torque Wrench
TORQUE WRENCH ARM602-3 3/8" Digital Torque Adaptor
TORQUE WRENCH ARM602-4 1/2"" Digital Torque Adaptor
ACCESSORIES CSB003 Mini Polisher Backing Pads x 1
ACCESSORIES CSF003 Mini Polisher Foam Pads x 2
ACCESSORIES CSW003 Mini Polisher Wool Pads x 2
ACCESSORIES CSP240 Sanding Disk 240 grit pack of 10
ACCESSORIES CSP320 Sanding Disk 320 grit pack of 10
ACCESSORIES CSP600 Sanding Disk 600 grit pack of 10
ACCESSORIES CIA001 Insp Camera Mirror Pack
ACCESSORIES CIC301 Inso Camera 3.9mm Cable 1m
ACCESSORIES CIC501 Insp Camera 4.5mm Cable 1.2m
ACCESSORIES CIC601 Insp Camera 5.5mm Cable 1m
ACCESSORIES CIC802 Insp Camera 8mm Cable 2m
ACCESSORIES RIWDA38 3/8" Wrench to Driver Adaptor
ACCESSORIES RIWDA12 1/2" Wrench to Driver Adaptor
ACCESSORIES BOOT18V AC Protective Rubber Boot for 18v ARI2060/66/23
  40930150 Canvas Bag 10.8v Tools
SPECIALS ARD849LEU 7.2V Super Compact Drill Driver with Light Kit
SPECIALS ADC12EU40-15 10.8V 20 min Quick Charger with AFCS
SPECIALS ARW1201H 10.8 Ratchet 3/8" Wrench Bare Tool
SPECIALS ARG1214T 10.8V Angle Die Grinder HANDSET ONLY
SPECIALS ARZ6055 6V Alkaline Multimedia Inspection Camera 4.5mm Head
SPECIALS ARI2056-4H 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench 210Nm HANDSET ONLY
SPECIALS ARG2017EU 18V 115mm Angle Grinder (3.0Ah Batteries)
SPECIALS ARD12113EU 10.8V Drill driver
SPECIALS ARI1268-3EU 10.8V Impact wrench 3/8"sq 4 poles 248Nm (1.5Ah)
SPECIALS ARS1209AEUO 10.8V Sander with orbitial attachment (2.0Ah)
SPECIALS ARG1207EU 10.8V Rotary Tool Smart Repair Kit (1.5Ah)
SPECIALS ARV842 7.2V Screwdriver UK plug
SPECIALS ARV334EU 3.6V Mini Screwdriver EU plug
SPECIALS ARV334  3.6V Mini Screwdriver UK plug
SPECIALS ARD2095EU 18V Compact 2sp Drill Driver